Timeline, Background and history of Lacoste

“The standing icon of the competent sportsman,” Lacost e shirts found their way to the United States in 1952 as well as inside the wardrobes of the well to do sporting class. Bernard the son, took over the control of their father’s business in 1963, and it was under him that the brand name accomplished significant…

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Timeline, Background and history Lancome

Though founded in 1935, the history of Lancome begins years earlier when the relationship of its founder, Armand Petitjean came to a head with Francois Coty with whom he had collaborated to produce perfumes . Parting ways because of differences in perceptions regarding production and sales, Petitjean introduced the first five Lancome fragrances at the World’s…

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Timeline Background and history of Liz Claiborne

Liz Claiborne Inc. Typically the best selling perfumes on the market are associated with famous icons or celebrities such as Chanel N°5 and Elizabeth Taylor’s Passion, however, Liz Claiborne perfumes are quite different . Considered one of the most popular scent lines, Claiborne perfumes are among the top annually grossing fragrance brands in the world.…

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Timeline, Background and history of Mont Blanc

Mont blanc has been known for generations as a maker of sophisticated, high-quality writing instruments. In the past few years, the product range has been expanded to include exquisite writing accessories, luxury leather goods and belts, jewellery items, eyewear, perfume, cologne and watches. Montblanc has thus become a purveyor of exclusive products which reflect the…

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